Play audio through multiple headphones on your macOS

Ever wanted to share a movie or song with a friend, but you did not have one of those audio splitters lying around? Here is an easy trick that you can do for free on your macOS to output audio to multiple devices at the same time.

Audio Splitter

You don’t need one of these - Photo: Amazon

create multi-output device

pick devices

Select Output

Voila! You can now choose the new device as your speaker from the Audio icon in the menu bar. Bear in mind that you need one of the headphones to be a USB (or use a USB DAC) or bluetooth for this to work as there is only one 3.5mm jack in your Mac.

The Audio MIDI Setup app is a treasure trove of good stuff. You can combine multiple devices to create some pretty complicated setups for free. See this 4.0 setup for example.

Audio MIDI Setup

You can read more about it in this apple support article.

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